Saturday, 28 June 2008

In 1985 when i was growing up as kid in NW London i loved Music and Football!! I used to play for a Sunday league team called St Marys and St Andrews which was based in Dollis hill NW London....

I was pretty good at football and we were a good team...sorry a great team and we'd win the league nearly every year....Our rivals were the Chalk Hill Dynamos....Now Chalk Hill estate was one bad area in the 80' bad they had to knock the whole thing down and start again...When we used to play them at home it would be right in the middle of there estate which got me looking at all the Graff pieces that were surrounding the pitch.... From then on i got into graffiti and hip hop in a big big way....In 86 I'd have to take the tube every day from wembley pk down to bush, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to get up!!!

The trains in London from 86 were bombed HARD!!! So many sick sick pieces...whole cars, top to bottom whole cars,panel pieces, sometimes I'd see 10 pieces a day running on the tube....Now as we all know pieces get buffed as soon as there done and nothing really runs to tuff.....In the 80's and early 90's the tubes (mainly the big and lil met line) were like an art gallery...Shout out to all the writers from back then i used to check for...some are dead, some became crack heads, some got normal jobs, some went on to the art world side and are killing it... and some are still doin there thing...(shout out to ZOMBY)

Here's some pix of what i'd see goin to school every day...


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Anna Banana said...

I love those pics!!!

I have 2 amazin books Subway Art and Spraycan Art that i bought back in the late 80s from this lil book shop in crouch end....reading this blog makes me wanna go dig em out!! Great stuff.