Wednesday, 11 June 2008


So today i was djing for Puma for the Adulthood film launch..
Adulthood is the follow up to 2006 smash Kidulthood.
Getting a film made in this country is near enough impossible,with the lack of funding props to Noel Clarke for getting 2 films made in 2 years. Whats mad is i used to go to college with Noel in Ladbroke Grove back in the day. He's been a hip hop head since day one and was one of the 1st people to buy my mixtapes back in college. Aint seen him since we were 18!!!
Having a party in the middle of Carnaby street is always a good look, so props to the two lisa's at puma....Big up to everyone who passed thru today, saw alot of old faces i aint seen for ages....shout to Million dan, Westwood, thug ala, Normski, Poppy and her crew, Mama kitten, Kish, Barclay and everyone else i saw today..

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tgijur said...

wassup mk? it's jeroen here please text me...