Tuesday, 12 August 2008

NEW WAX POETICS-Anthology, Vol. 2

After the overwhelming response from our first anthology, Wax Poetics has compiled the greatest hits from issues 6 through 10 in another collectible, hardbound edition. Wax Poetics Anthology 2 includes all your favorite stories from these early issues, and includes additional photos, illustrations, and album cover montages not included in the original editions.

• Hip-Hop juggernauts Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and Dante Ross
• Thorough retrospectives of jazz giants Joe Zawinul, Eumir Deodato, and Sun Ra
• Disco architects Randy Muller and Pierre Jaubert
• Blaxploitation pioneer Melvin Van Peebles
• Southern soul heavyweights Eddie Bo and Willie Mitchell
• Dante Carfagna’s LP oddity column, Left Field Americana
Always worth a read....i still got my issue number 1 of this. Does anyone know if that goes for £££££????? Let me know people.


Anonymous said...

Issue no.1 has been seen going for over a hundred quid a few times on eBay.


DJ MK said...

wow...thanks Gav..

DJ Cable said...

I managed to get about £60-£70 for issue 1 when i sold it on the bay a while back...

Issues 2-3 fetched around the same price too....

jeej said...

Earliest one I have is Issue 3 and I had to trade vinyl to get that.