Wednesday, 10 September 2008


So here what went down over the weekend. Most festivals that i play at, whether it be by myself or with Roots or Dizzi, your get there, do the show, and get out..(especially if theres no groups you wanna see or if its raining)

Bestival was different as we were doing 2 shows over the saturday and the sunday. We left early saturday morning to get the ferry from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. It felt like a proper school holiday trip. Saturday was the big show with Roots Manuva and it was our best festival performance this year. The vibe was right and the spot got torn down.

On the sunday i was actually up early for breakfast at 9am,which was SWAG. Then me and my mate Sharma decided to venture out and see what the Isle of Wight had to offer....First spot was some lunch and got the BEST roast dinner... then we hit the arcades and bizzarly enough went to a dinasoar museum....

I went to the Isle of Wight when i was a kid in the 80's and no disrespect but its safe to say the place hasnt changed one bit since then. I ve never seen so many old people in one place!!!

Later on that day i was djing in the x-box tent and Roots Manuva was mcing for me. It was Sooooooooo hot in that tent and i smashed it on the decks for nearly 2 hours. Then it was home time...Wicked weekend. Shout out to the crew who made it down there and big up to Rodney whose birthday it was yesterday...did u get him a pressie???

PROPS TO Nathan Gallagher FOR SOME OF THE PIX!!!!!!!

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