Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I told you so....

Were you there???

All i can say is WOW, and big up to everyone who came down to Gullyver @ Plastic people Saturday just gone. We opened the doors just after 11pm and by 12.30 it was one in one out and a long ass cue down the road

Shout out to my homeboy Fats who took some amazing pic of the night, but his memory card got corrupted and the photos got lost. Shout out as ever to Mr Cyde for killing it on the tables.....

I cant stress as a dj, how refreshing it is to spin down there. If you know how to read the crowd right you can play litterly anything down there, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Rock, Pop, Grime, ......as long as its goood....no wackness... I went from Jay z's a Millie version, to Busta"s Bass, into Beastie boys Hold it now hit it, into Eazy E Dope Boyz, into Blak mags and the 808 on all of those records are RIDICULOUS.....The sound system at Plastic People is the best in London....hands down...and i thought my chest was gonna cave in with the Bass..

If you missed it or never been, the next Gullyver is Saturday November 29th @ Plastic People Curtin rd, Old St...Its also me and A-cydes birthday party so come party wit the bIG homies!!! Shout me..

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dom said...

im ready like Jeru!! me n my girl be there MK any chance of GL on the door so i know we can get in?? im goin to see Monkey in the afternoon n then the scorpio fest that will be guuuulllllyyyyyvvvvvveeeerrrrrr!!! just gotta sort sum accommodation skeeen peace baldinio