Tuesday, 4 November 2008


So the weekend just gone was spent in Dublin, where we were doing a show. It has to be said that Dublin is defiantly one of my favorite cities in Europe. You wont meet friendlier people and if drinking is your thing then you'll be in heaven. My mums from Dublin so I'm probably biased.... but really,if you haven't been over there GO.

This was officially the start of the European tour,which will see us being on the road on and off till xmas. We have a day off this Sunday but typical me, I'm flying to Rome to do a dj set. Im gonna be knacked but i don't really care, i can sleep when I'm dead.

In Dublin we were playing at a spot called the Academy which got TORN DOWN!!!!
The crowd was going crazy and we were on stage for over a hour and a half.

After the gig we were invited to a bar owned by that group fun loving criminals whom are friends of Rodney. Now this bar was no normal bar, it was a rock bar,full of people with piercings and tattoos all dressed in black,getting down to some LOUD guitar ish. We can make anywhere our home, so we chilled there all night and partied there. Big up to Dermot who ran the bar and showed us mad love, and helped us get away from some over friendly drunkard fans

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