Thursday, 6 November 2008


So I'm in Stockholm in Sweden right about now, and for the 1st time in a day and a bit I've managed to get online.

So Dizzee was on News night last night, and Jeremy paxman was asking his views on the election of Obama.

I thought Dizz did his thing and provided intelligent answers to Mr Paxmens questions......

Next thing i see.......PURE E-HATE........Facebook groups denouncing what Dizz was saying,trying to make out he should nt of been up there blah blah

This has been on every blog int he uk so i aint gonna get too deep into it.....

Here's the footage....Damn people in this country love to HATE....why??????


“This message is in regards to the 9pm programming on BBC 2.

Hip Hop artist Dizzee Rascal, was commissioned to be one of the spokes persons in the discussion regarding President Obama.

It made no logical sense to ask the opinion of a UK Hip Hop artist, Dizzee Rascal, for his opinion as he had no influence or anything worthy to contribute to the discussion.

Having watched the various other news channels discussing this momentous occasion, I have to say this was the most ridiculous and disappointing viewing I had experienced.

Other political programmes, who asked for the opinions of well known figures outside the realm of politics, showed positive black figures such as Oprah winfrey and Sean Carter (Jay Z).

Why is it that our British broadcasting channel always seems to let us down when it comes to selecting black representatives? The election of Obama signifies a positive movement towards change and should inspire all people. However this inspirational feeling was abruptly ended and normality resumed, by this terrible segment in your BBC programme.

I am a minority in this country who pays taxes, and more importantly a Television License which pays for the BBC programming.

Why is it that Britain’s minorities are always depicted in this negative light, making our positive achievements seem somewhat belittled.

The BBC creates a false impression of what we are. They promote one side of the spectrum, which is usually the negative side.

By showing this negative imagery consistently it breeds this ‘negative’ stereotype that you promote to our impressionable youth. This is called Self-Fulfilling prophecy, a theory of Sociologist, Robert K. Merton.

There were many intelligent black people from the UK which would have represented us correctly, but due to the negative images that the BBC so regularly promotes it was fitting for them to pick a RAPPER, to speak on one of the most momentous occasions for black people in the 21st century.

Wouldn’t Lewis Hamilton, who is the first person of ethnicity to win the grand prix, or UK artist Bashy had been more appropriate?

This messaged will be sent too thousands of your ‘undervalued’ Black/Minority customers. We are seriously tired of your negative imagery which we have had too endure for far too long.

This is not a message to be taken as a threat, more as promise that we as a people ‘will’ boycott the BBC if we do not see or hear of any steps towards change in respect to our viewing.”

Taken from Facebook.

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