Tuesday, 2 December 2008


For over thirty years Dalston resident Newton Dunbar ran The Four Aces Club. The Club started its life in 1966 at 12 Dalston Lane in the entrance halls of the original 1886 Dalston circus and theatre buildings. It became north London's home of international black music and a second home to black musicians. With increasing success in the 1980s Newton expanded the business, as the Labrynth, which regularly packed out the whole of Dalston Theatre. At weekends Dalston Lane was heaving until the early hours.

Filmmaker Winstan Whitter grew up in Dalston and his brilliant documentary film, containing historic footage, about The Four Aces is now out. You can visit http://thefouracesclub.com to watch the film's trailer and learn more about the history of the club and its relationship with the police and the Council.

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