Friday, 12 December 2008


This is a sick new video from UK MC Charlie Sloth. Charlie 1st made some noise when he did his UK version of Nas " Cant forget about".

This track is a tongue in cheek dig at alot of the UK Djs who dont play his records.Westwood, myself, Semtex,279 and many more all get cussed but its all good. The funny thing is, is that i ve only ever been sent one track from this guy in my life.And i played it. And i even had him up on my show. If artists want to get there music played, and if its good, its pretty simple, just email

Charlie also mentions something like, if he had his hat turned back,and wore a backpack he'd have more of a change of getting his stuff played on my show. Backpack?? Bruv if that's what you think i play then you obviously don't listen to my show. That said Charlies a decent MC and this is one of the most creative videos Ive seen all year.


step one said...

Madd Rapper syndrome strikes again

dom said...

Yo MK is the guy who was on tower block dreams looking like a chief?? fair play hes kept goin..hahhaa check out the virtual MK!! LOL

DJ DIABLO said...

Doesn't this guy realise that after hearing this tune none of the DJ's mention are gonna play his shit again. If he had some decent material in the first place itmight have got some airplay.And he's supposed to be up and coming on the scene, he shouldn't diss the foundation of Uk hip hop when they've put in a lot more productive work than he has. Charlie Sloth don't give up the day job.

Anonymous said...

firstly..props to mk for posting this.
dj diablo,sloth dont need dj's he has a weekly show which gets over a million views a week which is more traffic than most of the dj's he has mentioned get.i think this will have the opposite effect and you will see the dj's who really support whats hot play his material and those that have been hating will still try and shut him out.the video is hilarious and well delivered.