Tuesday, 16 December 2008


So today i was invited down to the mastering session of the brand new Newham Generals album "Generally Speaking"
I ve heard bits and pieces of this album since April when Dizz and Cage played me some ruff versions of it, and on the real i was blown away by what i heard, so i was excited to hear the finished result.

When i got to the studio The Generals, Dizz and Cage were chilling listening to "Head Get Mangled" being mastered. This track is incredible. It's too much. Bass heavy to the extreme, and I'd say one of my favorite cuts on the album (Shout out to cAGE on the beat who killed it)

I got played a world exclusive of the video for "Head Get Mangled" which is SICK. Imagine Jacobs Ladder, Torture, and a room full of kinky ladies. I'll say no more, you really just have to watch it. It's in a class by itself and it takes it to a whole other level (Shout out to Rachel)

Generally Speaking is 13 cuts long and lyrically Footsie and D Double kill it. The good thing about this album is that its dirty and grimy as hell but at the same time its next level and will appeal to indie/rock kids and hip hop heads, as well as the grime scene, which is what we need more of musically in this country.

Yo rather then me go on about the album, listen to the Generals break down their album themselves. Listen below


Nick Lewis said...

Was on the video shoot and I can certify MK ain't wrong, the video is about to blow people away, Bel Dem Slags is pure jokes and the Gens seriously have a classic record on their hands! Big Up MK on the interview man, good to see its all coming together!

DJ MK said...

Yeah their gonna take over in 2009 4 sure....think the video for "Head get Mangled" is one of the best vids ive seen this year..