Saturday, 24 January 2009


I saw a interview the other day with Bay area MC Saffir. Saffir was a dope MC, and in his interview he talks about his famous battle with Casual which took place on the wake up show with Sway and tech back in 1995. I totally forgot that i got a tape of the wholle battle, so i dug it out and gave it a listen. I aint heard this for about 10 years!!! This battle is actually pretty sick, and has some funny moments....."i aint scared to fight"

The battle goes on for about 35 minutes and hears a little taster...If you want the full battle let me know and i'll post it!!!!



SAJR said...

you gotta post the whole thing man. I had it on tape back in the 90s but I have no idea where it is now.

Sick Nick said...

I bought myself a fresh copy of fear itself on cd shipped over from the states this xmas wrapped it up and have been beating the shit out of it in my stereo all month. The whole feel of the album is pretty close to perfection in my humble opinion and thats word to the man like Domino. Boooooooooooom!

DJ MK said...

ok i'll upload the full thing tonight

Anonymous said...

Saafir killed them. Casual came off wack and Tajai was beyond wack. He sounded like a straight up faggot. Opio was OK..Pep Love was alright. Saafir was a giant. One other dude from Hobo ripped. Maybe Mike G?? I forgot..Big Nose sounded like an asshat as well..Hobo dominated that battle based on Mr. No No alone.

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up the battle please, the zshare link has been deas for quite some time, I'd love to hear this again.

Thanks in advance..