Saturday, 14 February 2009


This is nASTY...
Shout out to my homeboy J-rocc for posting this.
Its the month of Dilla, and listening back to his music it really does just seem to sound better and better. I was lucky enough to meet Dilla 3 times, the last time being the Montreux Jazz festival in 2005 with Roots Manuva. Performing at the Montreux Jazz festival is always legendary, and this time it truely was. It really was one of those perfect days... sun was Shining, Sound check went perfectly, catering was amazing, and the vibe was good. When we got to our dressing rooms we saw that our homeboy Ty from over here was performing, and next to his dressing room was Jay Dee, Madlib, J-rocc, and Peanut butter wolf. Throughout the day i bumped into all of them, and said whatsup. Madlib i had only met a month earlier for the 1st time and was mad mad cool. J-rocc, Wolf and Dilla, i met a bunch of times so it was good to see them again.

The Jaylib show was crazy. I remember Mos Def was on the bill as well, and at one point there was a mad jam session on stage. Picture this. Dilla and J-Rocc on the beat/mic, Mos Def and Roots Manuva on the mic, and Madlib on the Drums (as in actual drums).
I filmed it....i think i filmed pretty sure i did. (Mental note find dilla footage) After the show everyone was drinking and smoking and the vibe was good. I Remember chatting to Dilla about the show and his new music amount other things. Dilla was one of those dudes who always smiled alot. And when he smiled you could tell it was genuine. The rest of the night was spent partying at the venue till the early hours. R.I.P. DILLA


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