Thursday, 12 March 2009


Ok here's the deal... I get a phone call at Midnight from Shortee Blitz telling me i HAVE TO CHECK THIS WEBSITE....Basically its some of the sickest thing Ive seen. YouTube is kinda dead now google (who owns YouTube) has taken all the videos off. Anyway, this website is live streaming from what i think is Maceo from De La Souls basement. When i logged on i witnessed DJ Scratch cutting up live for about 30 minutes ....HE MURDERED IT....KILLED IT....DESTROYED IT....Seriously it was amazing....Then after that Maceo came on and djed for 2 hours,just playing every thing from bangers to rare funk to 80's grooves. The good thing is that theres a chat room as well, so you can chat ish and chat to Maceo....Anyway 4 hours later me and half of London was locked in. Then Bumpy Knuckles comes on and killed it, cracking pure jokes...It was mad,talking to Freddie Fox and Shortee blitz, and Harry love at the same time whilst hearing some sick tunes..You have to sign up but its free. Normally i wouldn't post this kinda thing, but its worth checking out...Shout out shortee for the hook up!!


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