Monday, 11 May 2009


Come check me out at the Nottinghill Arts Club for YOYO this Thursday if your in the London area.
YOYO is still one of the best club nights in London and i love playing down there. It's always super ram and always good, plus you never know whose gonna pass through on the night. I Got some limited guest list, so shout me if you wanna pass thru.


Perennial Problem Solver? said...

rahh, allow havin missed. didn't know peeps like u playin at that liddle place. gotta holla after seein ya kill it at fabric wid a while back. do holla if u around landann taan agen or brightaan with guestlist perks bwoii cos i keen! gutted after pissed away a nite with jfb round mine - 4got to watch n learn some shit after gettin too excited runnin round wakin peeps up at 4am, ha!

daran said...

How can i get on the guestlist for this?