Friday, 15 May 2009

Melle Mel Responds To Joe Budden

I dont really have time for beef in hip hop in 2009. If you havent seen whats been goin doin vibe magazine had there top 20 rappers, and some people ie Joe Budden got there feelings hurt. Joe made a good point which is...If the list is all about skills and not record sales then certin people shouldnt really be placed as high as they are. He mentioned Method man, as well as the Legend Melle Mell.Heres what Melle Mell had to say about Joes comments...Dont get me wrong Joe is a dope rapper, got bars for days, but for me Meth makes better records...Thats just my opinion...At the end of the day who care??? What do you think???


RustyJay said...

Method man been doing.... last album was a bit shoddy. tical / 2000 = super dope ! Buddne should know this !

Chima Anya said...

personally love beef, some situations need to get aired out Joe Budden spoke the truth but I ain't agree with the way he went about it. He definitely shouldn't have taken shots at legends so openly. it's disrespectful, especially pioneers.