Monday, 1 June 2009


DJ Hero is the new game bought to you from the people who bought us guitar hero. Now what makes any video game good whether its Pacman or Street fighter is the game play. Guitar hero is one of those games where i thought i wouldnt really like it due to the music, but when i played it , i got really into it, as the game play is so good, i kind of forgot about how horrible a lot of the music is. Same thing with DJ HERO, its such a fun game to play even people who have no interest in Hip Hop will love it.

I ve got a good friend of mine whose been working on this project, and i ve been witness to alot of the mixs for the game as they were being made. Dj Shadow, Jazzy Jeff, Dj Yoda, Z-trip all have mixes on DJ HERO which are basically mash ups and you have to go from the beginning of the track to the end doing all the scratches on time etc, the same way you would hit the notes on Guitar hero.You get a console of a mixer with fader and a wheel for the scratches which has 3 sampler buttons attatched. It looks sick!!

Jay Z and Eminem both feature on the game, but they are defiantly the 2 biggest artists featured. There loads of classic and even independent joints on the game to, which pleasantly surprised me.

There gonna have a huge promo launch for this in the states in the next few months... I cant say much about it, but if they pull it off it will be a very very big show.

The game comes out in October and your very much advised to buy a copy.

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