Thursday, 2 July 2009


If you don't know, THE FUNHOUSE is myself and Harry Loves TV Channel, where we broadcast every Monday to Thursday between 10pm and 1am. Its great as its totally interactive, with no censorship, with direct contact to our listeners.

If we feel like playing nothing but new Hip Hop we can do that. If we wanna play a hour of Soul music we can do that..the music policy is just good music. We ve been broadcasting for just over 3 weeks and the response has been Crazy. We ve had tens of thousands of people from all over the world from every Continent on the globe log in and show us love. 2 weeks ago we broadcasted from London and from Sofia in Bulgaria, with a interview with Roots Manuva. Last night was another special show.

Klashnekoff passed through and gave us the exclusive return interview!! Klashnekoff talked about his brand new album which he played me earlier on during the day. Believe me its amazing and when it drops its gonna be a big problem. Too many UK artists get the hype machine right, but then when there album drops its so so, and lacking in good music....when i say good music i mean the type of music that your gonna wanna listen to in 5 years time....not the type that your gonna listen to for a few weeks then never play again..

K-lash also spat some bars and spoke a lot of sense....WATCH THE INTERVIEW BELOW

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Anonymous said...

Wicked mix MK,much love from woolacombe clan! peace