Friday, 24 July 2009


So in the afternoon today i went to Raekwons hotel to hear his new album Only build for cuban linx Pt2!!! The chef came through, and the album is Fiyaaaah!!! The track with the Alchemist is sick, so is the Marley Track, the Dilla tracks etc. 22 cuts long, the album is out september 8th so make sure you go cop that!!

Then i went from Raes hotel in Marble Arch to Covent Garden where i got to build with the god Jay Z! He got me drunk on the vintage Dom P that was in the house. The new Jay Z album Blue Print 3 is out in september and Hov has busy at work, recording here in London in the evening time. The first single is also not the one with Drake!!

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Anonymous said...

yeah mate. with the god mc jay-hova. nice one. cheers