Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Featuring forty of the most exciting and prolific graffiti artists to have lived and painted in London, Crack & Shine is the only London graffiti book ever to be published. Also presenting the work of London-based photographer Will Robson-Scott, Crack & Shine includes a series of over 50 beautifully-composed photographs, created exclusively for the book; giving articulate and vivid insight into the awkward moments of waiting, the apprehension of hiding and the calm and stillness that comes with seeing the world from an altered perspective.”

Out of all of the elements involving Hip Hop, Graffiti writers are definitely the unseen heros...the ones who get over looked and normally dont ever see a penny out of there art. As a ex graff writer, i've been dying to see a book documenting the London Scene, in a proper light. Now with the launch of this book, that book i've dreamed about has finally come out.

What makes this book good, is the lay out, the photos and the commentary that goes with it. It's also good to see a lot of my friends finally getting their props, and their place in the history books. TEACH, ZOMBY, ELK, COS, TOX, GRAND, ETC are all featured. Some amazing photos. Major props to my homeboy Teach, not only for being a sick writer over the last 18 years, but for taking so many sick photos. He was one of the few writers to always have a camera with him, so he was able to document a lot of classic flicks. OUT NOW. GO BUY IT.

Check out the Crack & Shine website HERE


FredBeardsley said...

The first London graffiti book was in 2001, called "The graffiti Subculture" by Nancy MacDonald.

DJ MK said...

No i mean the 1st PROPER graffiti book on London. "The graffiti Subculture" by Nancy MacDonald isnt a book soley about the seen in london its about New york to. It didnt have any real input from London writers either

Geordi said...

big ... some real documentation. im gonna chek this!!!

Inka Hero said...

really wanna check this out! big!