Sunday, 16 August 2009


Just back in town from a crazy 6 days. First stop was Ibiza!! I ve been going to Ibiza now for 4 year, originally a place i thought that i would hate, but ended up loving it. Let me explain something about Ibiza if you've never been there before. There's 2 Ibiza"s. The Cheesy, expensive, chavey club Ibiza, and the beautiful cool side. We were over their for 'Urban in Ibiza" which was set in a boutique hotel in the mountains, with amazing surroundings (not what you would call urban) as well as a gallery with work from Graff writers like Goldie, Inkie, and Chu.

There was also a fashion show, i djed, Roots Manuva performed on the catwalk!! Met lots of crazy people. Heres what went down.

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Anonymous said...

yo mk looks siiicckkk especially the place with the buddha's man i need me sum of dat style...u there next year ??holla on facebook or phone...FUNHOUSE ROOLZ AMK PEACE DOMSKI