Wednesday, 26 August 2009


So, last Saturday, myself and Roots Manuva, headed over to the beautiful City of Berlin. We were performing for a Puma party, to be held in the honor of the entire Jamaican Athletic team. Further more, the worlds fastest man, Usain Bolt, was gonna join us on stage. When i heard this i was like "yeah right".

So we're on stage, the crowd are going crazy, the vibe is right. Still no sign of Mr Bolt. Then someone screams in my ear, "He's coming now, he's here". I had Witness cued up, and started drumming the first bit of drums,into a ragga beat, whilst Roots Manuva, and Ricky Ranking did a sick Freestyle all about Bolt. Amazing energy. Then Bolt stepped on stage...

To be honest, i knew that he was the fastest man in the world, and beat the world record, but wasn't ready for how crazy things were gonna get.
People lost their minds....Have a look at the footage below.

So the show ends, and its all good. I shut my computer down, then I'm informed that Bolt is gonna come back on, so i have to DJ. Not a problem. The only thing was, i had to re start my computer, which as you all know can take some time. Here's me waiting.......check out the expression on my face..

So my trusted Mac, turned on and i killed it on the decks, everything was going kool, crowd were loving it. Bolt came back on stage, presented some award, then came up to me and said that he wanted to DJ. Kool, not a problem. I biged him up about smashing the world record and cracked jokes with him about moonlighting on the side as a dj. When he told me he has Serato, i could' nt believe it. I expected him to be using CD'S, but no, he was a pro and was using Serato!!

Then we waited for Usain Bolts computer to turn on...... and waited..... and waited....It was strange, as there must have been 20 different TV cameras pointed at us. Bolt said he used to have just a mattress and his decks in his room, that was it. Think things gonna change now for him!!

He eventually got his lappy working and spun for about an hour. The party was crazy. Watching the entire Jamaican Athletic team daggering was a sight to see, all you heard was hardcore Bashment. Here's some more photos.

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