Saturday, 3 October 2009


Wow, think I've been to Germany about 9 times this year. On this occasion i was with Dizzee Rascal, for a live TV performance on MTV, and then onto a exclusive showcase for label bosses and journalists.

It was a early start (4.50 am) on route to my new favorite second home Terminal 5. Met up with big man Scope ( Dizzee's hype man) and we nearly missed our flight by 2 minutes, due to us risking a quick breakfast at Giraffe. Before we knew it we were in our hotel, and then straight to the MTV studios where we were rehearsing, then performing Bonkers. Doing live TV, especially one that goes out to over 80 million people is a buzz, but its also a lot of waiting around.

The performance went perfect then it was straight to the club to rehearse for the showcase later that night. The club had a good sound system, and before we new it, was RAM!!!

Dizzee killed it as he always does, as we went through some of the new album Tongue n Cheek. The energy was incredible and the crowd were going crazy. We bounced straight back tot the hotel, as by now it was 1am and every one had to be up at 5AM. Props to Dizzee. What people dont realise, is that this guy has been doing this solidly for the last 7 YEARS, with literally no days off. If anyones on his grind it's him. The video for Dirtee Cash ( the next single) is being shot today, so look out for the video in the forthcoming weeks.

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