Sunday, 4 October 2009


Size Doesn’t Matter 6th Birthday and 60 years of the 7” inch Single.
Downloads and iPods are all very well, but for many musicians, your latest song just hasn't been released until it's been forced on to a small, grooved plastic disc at a pressure of more than 2,000 lb per square inch. The 45 rpm single is currently celebrating its 60th anniversary and despite repeated predictions of its demise, sales are rising once again. So with this in mind, we welcome you to a night that celebrates not only the beauty of 6 years of Size Doesn’t Matter monthly 7 inch madness but also celebrates 60 years of the 7 inch single… For this, our 6th birthday, we have a very special treat for you all….
The one, the only, Funki Dred, Jazzie B from the mighty Soul II Soul! Of course, he has been around a very long time indeed, so his 7 inch collection must be huge and seriously heavyweight...(no pressure Jazzie)
Jazzie took his first steps into the bass heavy world of the sound system when he was just 13, Jazzie and a school friend known as Daddae started a sound called Jah Rico, which played mainly reggae music. After a three year apprenticeship as Jah Rico, Jazzie and Daddae changed the vibe of the sound and began playing more soulful music and The Soul II Soul sound system was born. Like Size Doesn’t Matter, Soul II Soul wasn’t just about the big name DJs, it was about a vibe, it was about bringing people together. In the words of George Clinton “One nation under a groove”, you had people from all walks of life “Getting down just for the funk of it”. In 1986 Soul II Soul signed to Virgin and this partnership catapulted Soul II Soul into a tornado of success. The rest, as they say, is history!

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