Monday, 11 January 2010

DJ Soul - The Rap Radar Mix

One for the Breaks heads.

Courtesy of NYC's DJ Soul and Rap Radar.

Grab it here.


toilet said...

I've been listening to your Bastard Breaks 3 CD today (I hadn't listened to it for ages and it's one of my favourite breaks series. I listen to a lot of breaks tapes and the BB ones are the only ones that still has me stumped) and I've got two questions for you:

1: Have you thought about doing a Bastard Breaks 4?

2: Are you going to put volume 1 or 2 up on here or I'm I gonna have to rip them 'straight off the motherfuckin cassette'?


DJ MK said...

I was thinking about doing a pt4 of Bastard Breaks...its kinda weird now, because vol 3 came out stil at the time when EVERYTHING was on the net....i kinda listen to recent breaks mixs differently now, as i think,well...this dj could jus of downloaded all these rare breaks, and not actually own any of them....and i dont want people to think that of bb

ur gonna have to rip that shit son!!!!!im on tour for 2 months.....let me know if u do...yo...upload bb3 its on cd so its easy!!