Wednesday, 3 February 2010


So I'm still out here in Australia. Sorry for the lack of posts, but even tho i ve been larging it in 5 star hotels, uploading ANYTHING was near enuff impossible.

So after finishing the Roots Manuva tour, i flew to New Zealand to meet up with Paddy, Scope, and Dizzee. Now i've done some big shows in my time... but this was a 10 date STADIUM tour, Main stage in front of minimum 50,000 per we had 0 rehearsales. Dizz is a pro, and always says what he wants, plus he's a cool guy, so it's always easy to work with him. Here's a selection of pix from the last 3 weeks of madness. Big up Lilly who was givin us nuff jokes...or in her words "i'll brin armshouse 2 ya mum's house.

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