Wednesday, 23 June 2010

50 Cent, Consequence, N.O.R.E. & Punchline (Full Freestyle Cypher)

A little back in the day action here. This footage from a 1997 studio session with Capone and NORE, and also shows a early 50 Cent spitting. Notice how on 50's 2nd verse he kinda got that 97 Big L flow, with a touch of Cam.Lol at Consequence's teeth.

Shout to Mr Thing!

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Mika said...

whats happening DJ MK, this is mika from and i was wondering if u're the real DJ MK who will be DJ'in tomorrow (Friday) at On The Real’s 2nd Birthday At Plan B, London, cuz ive found out that u're gonna play only neptunes tracks that nite cuz i'm running a neptunes fan site and I would like to post that news for the UK neptunes fans, please let me know

Mika !