Monday, 24 January 2011

Michael Rappaport Speaks On ATCQ Documentary (Video)

Last April when Phife was on the Funhouse, he talked about this film, and off camera to me he seemed genuinely  excited and hopefull for this project, so it's sad that he was the only one who turned up for screening at the Sundance film festival. In fairness Ali Shaheed Muhammad is on tour over here in the UK, and lets be honest Jarobi was always the token member, who did nothing, so why is Tip mad....

The thing i cant work out is if Q-Tip is unhappy with this project, and has made his feeling very vocal about not wanting to be associated with this project, then why did Q-Tip Twitter a link to the Offical Tribe Called Quest Web site advertising the film, and saying nothing but praise???

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