Thursday, 30 June 2011


I got hooked up with some Beats By Dre headphones last week, and i do have to say they're the best Headphones out on the Market right about now. Being a DJ who spins all over the world, i've probably tried most headphones that are out on the market. What's good about the Beats By Dre headphones are.....

1 - They fit PERFECTLY and are very comfortable. The last thing you need when you re spining is having tight uncomfortable headphones round your ears, making them sweat, and giving you a headache.

2 - They are loud and the clarity and detail on them musicaly is incredible. You can really hear the music the way it was suposed to be made, which is essential!

3 - You can take apart the lead for the headphone and they are also replaceable which is very handy.

4 - The packaging is perfect and actually useful.

5- Beats By Dre are the only  company that are putting out quality headphones who actually work alongside the DJ'S and value there opinion.

So next time you see me in a club,or doing my radio show on Kiss100, or doing the Funhouse, or rocking a show with Roots Manuva or Dizzee Rascal, This is what i'll be using!!


Anonymous said...

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Beats By Dre said...

I love Beats By Dre headphones cuz they are chic and excellent.