Monday, 11 July 2011

Passengers 'disgusted' as rapper Dizzee Rascal is thrown off flight

Well done to the Evening Standard who reported on what really happened last saturday.

Passengers have defended rapperDizzee Rascal after he was thrown off a British Airways flight for allegedly complaining too vociferously after the plane was delayed.
Dizzee, whose real name is Dylan Kwabena Mills, apparently became angry after he and his fellow passengers on the Airbus 320 were left waiting for more than an hour on the runway. He had been on his way toPortugal for the Optimus Alive! festival but had to apologise to fans after the delay meant he could not appear.
Several fellow passengers have denied the rapper was abusive, claiming he had been "stitched up" by a rude staff member.
John Godsland, 39, fromNorthamptonshire, who says he will never fly BA again, told the Standard: "We had been on the plane for about an hour, Dizzee had been asleep, and he woke up and there was a female member of cabin crew walking past and he said to her something along the lines of, 'What's going on? What are we still doing here? What's happening?'"
Mr Godsland said the flight attendant started "wagging her finger at him": "He got a bit upset. I think at some point he did swear but it wasn't at her."
Rascal then spoke to the captain "at length" before leaving the plane, with a police van waiting for him on the runway. Police confirmed they attended but said there were no arrests.
Another passenger, Gillian Beeby, a 38-year-old student from Peterborough, tweeted: "On a flight to Portugal and disgusted by BA's treatment of a person who got thrown off due to a member of staff being rude. BA has just thrown Dizzee Rascal off flight to Portugal - appalling behaviour by BA staff who inflamed situation!"

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