Monday, 6 July 2009


So after the show at Hyde park we went back to Kiss, waited for Sister nANCY to do her make up and then we were out. The after party was on the 30th floor of the Center Point builing and the view was breathtaking. This was defiantly the hottest, after party all year, and if your name wasn't down on the list you wernt getting in. I must have had about 30 texts from friends trying to get into this party but it wasnt happening..

A-cyde and Reg, kicked it off lovely. The club was plush with amazing views, but you had to take a lift to get there (which only held 10 people at a time. The drinks were following and before you new it the whole place was ram. Mr hudson, and Kanye West performed Paranoid live, which is my favorite joint off 808's and Heartbreaks, then Q-tip stepped up and SMASHED it on the decks, playing classic after classic. Then Kanye,Hudson, Kid Cudi, and Young Jeezy were all around a grand piano whilst doing Frank Sinatra style versions of there tunes, funny, but amazing to watch. Harry Love came on and smashed it, whilst Serena Williams was getting down to some Funky House courtesy of Scottie B. Check out the video footage and the pics of the night.

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Nancy said...

ha ha waiting for me to do my make up and the hair blud! i won't mention what fast food you had whilst waiting lol big night.. !