Monday, 6 July 2009


So yesterday i went to check out Wireless and do some bits for Kiss whilst i was there. Really it was all about 2 people. Q-tip and Kanye West. Q-tip stepped up and tore the place down. His set was really tight,full of energy, enthusiasm, and showmanship. You could blatantly tell that the crowd didnt really know who he was, but they were getting down none the less.

Then it was Kanye time. This was probably and i hate to say this, the weakest show i ve seen him do. For the glow in the dark tour, this set list would of been perfect, but for a hype festival with 25,000 people wanting to go crazy it didn't always work. Way too many ballads when he should of been getting it uptempo. At times people in the crowd (including myself) were just bored,but then he came back with Stronger, Gold digger and saved himself. Kanye s interaction with the crowd was disappointing too. He didn't really walk out of his own little stage within a stage area, and took himself way too seriously with 4 woman painted in gold worshiping him at his feet, and it was almost like watching someone doing an impersonation of what they thought a pop star was supposed to act like.....KANYE MADE UP FOR IT AT THE AFTER PARTY THO!!

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